Pastoral Review

On the right of the Pastoral Review section you will see your child’s average PRIDe score across all subjects.  This score is colour-coded to help you see where your child’s average PRIDe score puts them in relation to the whole year group.  The above example shows this student’s PRIDe score is in the 2nd best 20% of the cohort.  The chart to the left shows the ranges of PRIDe scores that are in each category. 


The best possible Average PRIDe score is 5.0 which can only be achieved with perfect PRIDe scores for PRIDe in lessons and PRIDe at home.  


Attendance is also crucial.  The average child in the UK has an absence rate of 5%.  This means 95% attendance is just average.   If your child’s attendance is below 95%, they will struggle to achieve their MEG.  Over 5 years, 95% attendance means a student will have missed a quarter of an entire year of secondary education.  90% attendance would mean one day missed every two weeks, which over 5 years would equate to half of an entire year of secondary education.

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