Because effort is so crucial in determining whether your child will or won't achieve their MEG, we also report effort scores. At Wyvern, effort or work ethic is defined by our PRIDe values (prepared, respectful, involved and dedicated). For each subject your child has been given a PRIDe score for their work ethic in lessons (where 4 is best and 1 is worst) and a PRIDe score for home learning. The top PRIDe score is a 5 (from 4+1).

Teachers may also include a brief comment to explain a PRIDe issue or to include a praise comment.


A maximum of 4 points can be awarded for Pride in Lessons.

4 = the student meets all Pride expectations all of the time

3 = the student meets the Pride expectations most of the time

2 = the student is inconsistent and does not always meet Pride expectations.

1 = the student does not meet or rarely meets Pride expectations. 

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